My child is now in his fourth academic year with OT Pediatric Solutions. As a child who struggles with sensory processing, he faces sensory obstacles on a continual, daily basis. The level of growth that I have experienced in my child’s development, and his ability to tolerate sensory input, is amazing. I cannot thank Laura and her OT team enough. My child’s improved level of coordination, focus, writing, language, tolerance of noises, and social skills, I feel, are strongly supported by his OT intervention. My child currently is handling his academic load well. He actively participates in his classroom and with peers.  He plays on a pep basketball team. He tolerates whistles and extraneous gym noises. He follows and participates in the game. A huge accomplishment!


“There are not enough words to express how grateful we are for the services Laura Stubecki provided for our son! From the very first session, she was nothing but loving, attentive and supportive.  Laura taught us so much about our son’s sensory needs. She provided strategies, techniques and resources that significantly improved his behavior. We saw so much progress within just a short time of working with her. Most importantly, our son adores her and genuinely enjoyed every minute spent with her.”

Falon and Jimmy Melvin

“We sent our child to Pediatric OT Solutions, and within just a few sessions, we felt a level of comfort we have never experienced before. They are loving, honest and creative, and treat each child with respect and care. The entire team took time to listen to our child and to us, and to create a plan that we can follow at home. It has made, and continues to make a huge impact on our lives!”

Central Valley

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