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Square Feet of Therapy Fun!

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Programs

Our spacious clinics, located in Sugar Loaf NY and Wappingers Falls NY feature an array of treatment equipment and open play space. This includes:
• 3 Sensory Gyms
• Fine Motor Area
• Children’s Yoga and Meditation Room
• Parent Education Center

Using our large selection of suspended equipment (swings and climbing equipment), we specialize in sensory integration theory and treatment as well as developing individualized sensory diets. In addition to our clinic, therapy is also provided in the comfort and convenience of a child’s home, school, or daycare.

Programs & Services

If your child has delays in developmental milestones, balance and coordination issues, behavior problems or sensory processing delays, POTS can help. We strongly believe that the occupation of childhood is PLAY, so we use play to help children develop the skills necessary to become functional, independent adults. This way, children are actively engaged at each session, and they look forward to being with us.

Some of the skills we help develop include:

• Regulation of alertness
• Refinement of sensory processing
• Development of motor skills
• Development of communication skills
• Appropriate social interactions
• Language and cognitive skills
• Age appropriate self care skills
• A positive self concept

Achieving Goals

We help children achieve these goals in group or individual sessions, using the following modalities:
• Comprehensive OT Evaluations for Children of all Ages
• Sensory Integration & Praxis Test by a SIPT Certified Occupational Therapist
• Adult Evaluation and Treatment
• Interactive Metronome®
• Therapeutic Listening Program
• Handwriting & Fine Motor Development
• Sensory and Motor Development
• Sensory Diets